The Georgia Ready Mixed Concrete Association is dedicated to providing a voice for all of its members and to actively educating, advocating and marketing on their behalf.

GRMCA membership is divided into three main categories: producer, associate and affiliate.

  • Producer members are ready-mix concrete producers.
  • Associate members are defined as companies whose products are used in the production or transportation process of ready mix concrete.  Examples of General Associates (but are not limited to) include plant equipment  manufacturers, truck dealers, engine manufacturers, tire dealers, mixer manufacturers, dispatch software, fueling/oil services, etc.
  • Affiliate members are defined as companies who provide general services to the ready mix industry, but whose services are not directly involved in the production or transport of ready mix concrete.  Examples of General Affiliates include (but are not limited to) insurance services, contract haulers, pumping services, financial services, etc.

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GRMCA has Great value to offer its members:

•   Annual Convention, Strategic Planning Meeting & Quarterly Events

  • Staying abreast of key issues affecting our industry
  • Concentrating our resources on the “critical few” issues affecting our industry
  • Forging relationships with lawmakers, regulators and other industry groups who influence our industry
  • Providing information and statistics on “the state of our markets”
  • Actively promoting ready mix concrete

•   Source of Associate members’ product information

•   Continued information on national and state legislation

•   Effective working committees

•   Video and Power Point™ programs available for presentation

•   Seminars, workshops and promotional programs for members

•   Technical brochures, specifications, etc.

•   Publications from numerous sources may be ordered through GRMCA at cost

•   Group Permit for Storm Water Discharge Regulations

  • Provide education (safety & environmental compliance, etc.)
  • Provide broad and complete communication of our activities and our accomplishments