Build With Strength Efforts Continue in Georgia


The Build With Strength (BWS) Coalition maintains its presence in Georgia in an effort to continue to promote concrete as the building material of choice. In the last two weeks, BWS has conducted polling to determine how Georgians feel about the Sandy Springs ordinance preventing wood framing above 3 stories and 100,00 square feet and if they want their own communities to follow suit. The results are eye popping.

BWS also sent letters and information to over 150 city managers and mayors across Georgia educating them on the Sandy Springs ordinance and public sentiment surrounding it. The coalition’s efforts have been picked up in several media outlets as well.

More on the Build With Strength Coalition linked below.

Letter to Mayors & City Managers Across Georgia
Build With Strength Georgia Polling Press Release
Georgia Polling Infographic
Georgia Polling Memo
Media Hit on
Media Hit on

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