HB 247 Senate Passage


House Bill 247, the GRMCA backed bill which provides tax exemptions for transit mixer maintenance and replacement parts, passed the Georgia State Senate by a vote of 48-4 late Tuesday afternoon. All that remains for the bill to become law is the Governor’s signature.

The Georgia General Assembly adjourns for the year Thursday night. Beginning Friday, we will enter a 40 day period in which the Governor will sign or veto all legislation that was passed by the General Assembly. He could also do nothing, but any bill not signed (but not vetoed either) by the Governor will become law. GRMCA met with the Governor’s staff earlier in the session and we will be doing so again in the next several weeks. I believe at this time that the Governor will indeed sign the bill into law.

Next week, GRMCA will issue some guidance with regards to House Bill 247. If the potential exists to delay any major equipment or maintenance expenditures, please consider doing so. Even if/when HB 247 is signed into law, the law will not take effect until July 1. Any maintenance purchases for transit mixers prior to then will still be subject to state and local taxes.

Also, with the closing of the legislature, GRMCA will also provide a full recap of bills of interest and also various study committees of interest to meet over the summer.

Senator Tyler Harper of Ocilla, Georgia was the Senate sponsor of House Bill 247.

GRMCA Legislative Update

HB247Your association is hard at work covering the 2017 Georgia General Assembly Legislative Session. Linked below is our first legislative report with details on three specific bills that would be good for our industry, including a GRMCA backed measure exempting transit mixer maintenance from sales tax.

Additional legislation would facilitate the use of more pervious concrete and also a bill that would incentive investment and development in rural Georgia.


House Bill 247 sponsored by Rep. Dominic LaRiccia of Douglas and backed by the Georgia Ready Mixed Concrete Association, received 38 signatures prior to its introduction on the floor of the Georgia House of Representatives. Most bills receive less than 6 signatures.

Legislative Reception

After our strategic planning meeting, we co-hosted a joint transportation industry legislative reception with the Georgia Highway Contractors, Georgia Asphalt Paving Association, and Georgia Construction Aggregates Association.

The event was very well-attended and everyone enjoyed networking with fellow transportation industry folks and state elected officials. It was a great opportunity to express issues or concerns and develop relationships with local representatives. The Lieutenant Governor also addressed the group and conveyed positive indications of a booming year for transportation and infrastructure in our state.

Strategic Planning Meeting

On20170124_114334 Tuesday, January 24th the GRMCA met to discuss the direction and priorities that the association will take on this year. It is critical to the GRMCA Board of Directors and staff that we receive input from our members and that our members know that their voices are heard. Issues that affect one member are often important to the membership at large and this meeting gave us an opportunity to come together to target these issues and craft solutions to ensure better business across the board.

During the meeting, we shared our current activities, strategic alliances, event calendar for the year, as well as future opportunities and prioritization. A couple of big ticket items on the agenda this year are a transit mixer sales tax exemption, building code amendments to increase testing lab accountability, and driver training and recruitment programs. We had great discussion and received excellent advice and feedback that will help us work towards solutions.

Two members of the Georgia General Assembly visited with us as well. Representative Jason Shaw and Representative Dominic LaRiccia stopped by to update us on the transit mixer sales tax exemption and to say a few words about upcoming infrastructure dominicprojects in the state. They have been great supporters of our industry and we are looking forward to the outcomes of our continuing partnership.

We want to thank everyone who attended the meeting and provided input and we look forward to having a productive year!

Concrete & Aggregates Host Luncheon with Derrick Dickey, Chief of Staff for US Senator David Perdue

The Georgia Ready Mixed Concrete Association and Georgia Construction Aggregate Association  recently hosted Derrick Dickey for a luncheon at the Commerce Club in Atlanta. Derrick is the Chief of Staff US Senator David Perdue of Georgia.

Talk around the table mostly centered on the election. Derrick has a rich background in campaign politics and he gave his thoughts on battleground Senate races where Republicans are defending a number of seats in order to maintain their Senate Majority. The races of interest are in New Hampshire, North Carolina, Nevada, Missouri, Wisconsin and Ohio. If Republicans lose more than 3 seats they will be back in the minority. At the time he believed that many of these seats were too close to call, but this was before Hillary Clinton’s email investigation was reignited by the FBI.

Senator Perdue is also a Co- Sponsor of the Timber Innovations Act. GRMCA took the opportunity to voice their concern of the Senator’s support for the bill as it unfairly and artificially creates markets for wood construction where it doesn’t currently exist. Both the concrete and aggregate industries are part of a broad coalition opposing the TIA. GRMCA will be in Washington DC during the lame duck session of Congress and will meet with Senator Perdue on the issue.

Manufacturer’s Exemption Efforts

GRMCA continues to build its case for a sales tax exemption on the purchase of maintenance and replacement parts on transit mixers. Staffers Jimmy Cotty and Nadia Groome met with State Representative Geoff Duncan to discuss the exemption. Rep. Duncan serves on the Ways & Means Committee and is Chairman of the Sales Tax Subcommittee.

Rep. Duncan has a background in construction and has a solid understanding of our industry. Having looked at the information provided by GRMCA, he believes that we will have a good shot of moving the bill through committee.

GRMCA Featured in Concrete Publications

The Concrete Producer Magazine and Aggregate Research International have featured our piece on Representative Rob Woodall and the future of infrastructure and transportation funding. The article will also be featured in Concrete Products Magazine’s December issue.

The association has hosted Rep. Woodall on multiple occasions and this article focuses on the work that we have accomplished together and shares insight on what is to come on the transportation front.

Click here for the full article.

Augusta Transportation Visit

The Georgia Ready Mixed Concrete Association (GRMCA) recently hosted Georgia District 7 Representative Rob Woodall as part of a statewide transportation speaking tour at the Martin Marietta quarry in Augusta, Georgia.

Rep. Woodall shared his insights on the FAST Act and discussed transportation issues. He urged our members to approach him with industry specific problems so that he can work towards crafting solutions in the future. Rep. Woodall has made it clear that he is a champion of our industry and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

After the morning meeting, GRMCA staffers attended the Augusta Chamber of Commerce Transportation Forum and heard Rob Woodall speak on the future of transportation and infrastructure spending.

Our next stop was to hear Governor Nathan Deal deliver a moving presentation on Opportunity School Districts. Producer Jimmie Tanner with Columbia County Concrete was able to share some kind words with him on all that he has accomplished for the state of Georgia.
All in all, it was a productive day in which we were able to visit with members in the area and learn about the future of infrastructure and transportation and how it will affect our industry.

Senator Isakson Tele-Town Hall

GRMCA Members with Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson

GRMCA Members with Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson

Yesterday, the GRMCA co-hosted a tele-town hall with the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association to give our members a chance to speak directly with United States Senator Isakson about transportation issues. Other national and state organizations affiliated with transportation, construction, aviation, housing, and infrastructure were also invited to call in and participate in the discussion.

Senator Isakson shared his thoughts on the political climate in Washington, the upcoming election, and upcoming legislation that will affect our industry. The call ended with a Q&A portion that gave our members a chance to voice any questions, concerns, or thoughts they wished to share with the senator.

Click here for a full summary of the call.

Rob Woodall Luncheon

Some of our members were able to join Congressman Rob Woodall for a fundraising lunch hosted at Vulcan Materials on Friday, September 17 to discuss politics, transportation and issues, including truck weights and the use of cross laminated timber in buildings.

Everyone enjoyed good BBQ and conversation about topics that will affect our members in the coming year.