Concrete & Aggregates Host Luncheon with Derrick Dickey, Chief of Staff for US Senator David Perdue

The Georgia Ready Mixed Concrete Association and Georgia Construction Aggregate Association  recently hosted Derrick Dickey for a luncheon at the Commerce Club in Atlanta. Derrick is the Chief of Staff US Senator David Perdue of Georgia.

Talk around the table mostly centered on the election. Derrick has a rich background in campaign politics and he gave his thoughts on battleground Senate races where Republicans are defending a number of seats in order to maintain their Senate Majority. The races of interest are in New Hampshire, North Carolina, Nevada, Missouri, Wisconsin and Ohio. If Republicans lose more than 3 seats they will be back in the minority. At the time he believed that many of these seats were too close to call, but this was before Hillary Clinton’s email investigation was reignited by the FBI.

Senator Perdue is also a Co- Sponsor of the Timber Innovations Act. GRMCA took the opportunity to voice their concern of the Senator’s support for the bill as it unfairly and artificially creates markets for wood construction where it doesn’t currently exist. Both the concrete and aggregate industries are part of a broad coalition opposing the TIA. GRMCA will be in Washington DC during the lame duck session of Congress and will meet with Senator Perdue on the issue.

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