FMCSA Raising Fines

Fresh off drastically changing hours of service for the trucking industry across the country, FMCSA has set it sights on other regulatory changes including higher fines according to  These changes were issued through a notice in the Federal Register which can be found here.  Additionally these changes do not require a formal rule making process so they will likely go into effect quietly.

Among some of the more onerous changes:

  • Formerly, the agency could put a truck out of service for operating without registration or outside the scope of its registration.  Now it can put the entire company out of service.
  • Formerly, an employer was forbidden from letting a driver drive when he knew that the person had lost his license. Now the standard is, knows or should reasonably know.
  • The agency used to consider a carrier’s ability to pay, among other factors, when assessing a fine. Now it will not.

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