HB 247 Passes the House!


GRMCA Members:

One of our association’s priorities for 2017 is to achieve tax relief from the state on our transit mixers. Today, February 22, is a major step in that direction. This afternoon, the Georgia House of Representatives debated and voted on House Bill 247. The bill passed 158-4.

I would like to commend our staff, Jimmy and Nadia, for their hard work in educating the House members on the issue. They have been at the Capitol virtually every day since the first of the year working the bill. I would also like to thank our members who have hosted plant tours. These have been proven to be highly effective in gaining support for the measure. Finally, I would like to thank our members who have made personal calls and emails to their representatives. Personal contact from constituents is invaluable.

There is still much work to be done. It has passed the House but now we will need to navigate the Senate. I encourage you to contact Jimmy and Nadia if you have a personal relationship with your State Senator. Every relationship matters and your willingness to help will be critical.

Again, thanks to all for your help, but mostly thank you and congratulations for the work to date from Jimmy and Nadia. Now, let’s get HB 247 passed into law!


Ryan Chandley, Chairman
GRMCA Board of Directors

HB 247 Roll Call Vote

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