HB 247 Senate Passage


House Bill 247, the GRMCA backed bill which provides tax exemptions for transit mixer maintenance and replacement parts, passed the Georgia State Senate by a vote of 48-4 late Tuesday afternoon. All that remains for the bill to become law is the Governor’s signature.

The Georgia General Assembly adjourns for the year Thursday night. Beginning Friday, we will enter a 40 day period in which the Governor will sign or veto all legislation that was passed by the General Assembly. He could also do nothing, but any bill not signed (but not vetoed either) by the Governor will become law. GRMCA met with the Governor’s staff earlier in the session and we will be doing so again in the next several weeks. I believe at this time that the Governor will indeed sign the bill into law.

Next week, GRMCA will issue some guidance with regards to House Bill 247. If the potential exists to delay any major equipment or maintenance expenditures, please consider doing so. Even if/when HB 247 is signed into law, the law will not take effect until July 1. Any maintenance purchases for transit mixers prior to then will still be subject to state and local taxes.

Also, with the closing of the legislature, GRMCA will also provide a full recap of bills of interest and also various study committees of interest to meet over the summer.

Senator Tyler Harper of Ocilla, Georgia was the Senate sponsor of House Bill 247.

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