Current Issues

Current Issues


Concrete Field Testing

GRMCA is in the process of proposing amendments to the Georgia Building Code in order to increase accountability in concrete field testing. Code officials are aware that ASTM standards are referenced and should be followed, but are generally not educated as to what those standards actually are. Working with the building code community and propsing these amendments will raise awareness to the issue and will ensure that personnel in the field and in the lab are ACI certified. ACI certification is verifiable and thus certification requirements are enforceable. This gives producers the potential to begin rejecting test results that are not conducted according to code.

Lien Rights

Georgia Utility Contractors Association is considering legislation to address lien rights issues for subcontractors. GUCA would like to see required notifications by the bank when an owner/developer stops payment so that subcontractors doing additional work can make informed business decisions.

Increased truck weights on federal interstate highways

Federal weight laws force fully loaded ready mixed concrete trucks off the EIS and onto local and state roads that are generally built to lower standards. This causes congestion, makes for potentially unsafe driving conditions, prematurely degrades secondary roadways and drastically cuts industry efficiency.  Increasing federal truck weight limits will allow ready mixed concrete trucks to be more productive, will help reduce congestion and will decrease the amount of fuel needed to carry the same amount of concrete to jobsites.

Driver recruiting efforts

The association is working with the Department of Corrections on establishing a CDL training program for reformed inmates. This would help expand the driver candidate pool and help companies alleviate the driver shortage issue.

Financial incentives for energy efficient concrete construction

GRMCA is working with Georgia Power to enact financial incentives for energy efficient concrete construction, specifically in regards to parking lots.

Supporting NRMCA Build With Strength program

Currently, the association is supporting NRMCA’s Build With Strength coalition by helping local cities enact a building code ordinance to ban wood frame construction on buildings taller than three stories or more than 100,000 square feet in an effort to promote fire safety.

New training videos & materials

The OES committee is focused on developing driver on boarding, environmental and safety training materials and guides.