OES Committee

Operations, Environmental, & Safety Committee

The GRMCA Operations, Environmental, & Safety (OES) Committee was established as a standing committee to provide industry guidance on various regulatory and compliance issues. This includes, but is not limited to, environmental issues, health & safety issues, drivers’ hours of service, industry best practices, proper equipment maintenance, etc.

Past Accomplishments:

  • Returned Concrete
  • Two successful Driver Skills Championships
  • Hours of Service Variance
  • DOT Payload Increase
  • Wage & Benefit Survey

Future Priorities:

  • Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)
  • Interstate Weight Laws
  • Industrial Stormwater General Permits
  • Development of Training Aides
    • Environmental
    • Driver Onboarding
    • Safety
  • Launch 2017 Wage & Benefit Survey after Annual Meeting
  • Fleet Survey end of the year

For more information, please contact committee chair Steve Phillips.