People Still Moving to Atlanta, Still Need Concrete

In an article on Business Insider, Penske truck rentals declared that Atlanta is the number 1 moving destination in the country.  This bodes well for the concrete industry, well, because all these new folks are going to need homes to live, stores to shop, schools to educate their kids, so on and so forth.

Penske has compiled a list of the top ten moving destinations annually based on moving truck reservations.  Each year for the last four, Atlanta has topped the list.   This bodes well for the ready mix concrete industry.

Early in 2013, I sat through a presentation from an economist who was forecasting a slight increase for the demand of building materials in the state of Georgia for 2013.  He forecasted that the biggest demand would be seen in residential construction.

His bottom line was simply that people will always look for desirable places to live, work and raise families.  Georgia satisfies those demands for many people.  Regardless of how they arrive here, they are always going to need infrastructure to live.  Sounds like this economist knew a little something about which he speak.  Imagine that.