GRMCA MTSU Scholarship

GRMCA MTSU Scholarship Program

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The Georgia Ready Mixed Concrete Association is a proud supporter of the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  The CIM program was developed by input from professionals and consultants in the concrete industry.  The program is a unique blend of core university courses, business courses and concrete related courses developed specifically for CIM students emphasizing case studies for realism, quality assurance, profitability, etc.

The program prepares students for a wide array of opportunities in the concrete industry with graduates quite often garnering multiple job offers.  Job placement is high for graduates and students from CIM are highly sought after throughout the country.

Scholarship Availability & Common Academic Market

The GRMCA sponsors a $2,500/year scholarship for students enrolled in the CIM program.  Students apply through the CIM Program office at MTSU.  The only requirement is that a student must be from Georgia/sponsored by a Georgia concrete producer to be eligible.  GRMCA’s scholarship committee evaluates applications annually.  Once a scholarship is awarded, a student must maintain good academic standing in order to keep his or her scholarship.

In addition to scholarship, affordability is enhanced due to Georgia’s participation in the common academic market.  Typically, a student enrolling at MTSU would be subject to out of state tuition.  However, since the CIM is a standalone and unique academic program, students majoring in Concrete Industry Management are eligible for in-state tuition.

Between scholarship availability and participation in the common academic market, this make the CIM an outstanding value for those seeking careers in the concrete/construction industry.

Points of Contact

To receive an application or for more information about the Concrete Industry Management program, contact either of the followng:

Heather Brown, Ph.D.
Director, Concrete Industry Management
(615) 904-8060

Becky Linville
Marketing & Recruitment Coordinator
(615) 904-8599

Visit the Concrete Industry Management website below.
MTSU CIM Website

For a list of CIM graduates working in Georgia, please click below.
Alumni in Georgia