Scholarship Commitee

Scholarship Committee

The purpose of the GRMCA Scholarship Committee is to support students financially who seek to enter the concrete industry, support research and educational opportunities beneficial to the concrete industry, and support children of industry employees.


  • Currently funding 2 students in the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Program at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)
    • Over $85,000  has been provided in support of CIM students to date
  • Provided $4,000 in grant money to UGA Civil Engineering Program to certify all students as ACI Level 1 Testing Technicians
    • UGA will require all students graduating from their program to be ACI Level 1 Certified
    • Certified 47 students in 2017 thus far
  • General Scholarships: Expanded scholarship program to include General Industry Scholarship for children of industry employees
    • Awarded four $1,000 scholarships and two $500 scholarships for the 2017 academic year

The scholarship committee has roughly $15,000 in obligations per year, so your support is vital! Your dollars help prepare the next generation for working in our industry or assisting families of current industry employees.

Look out for general scholarship applications next spring and our scholarship golf tournament in the fall!

To learn more about the general scholarship program click here.
To learn more about the scholarship golf tournament click here.
To learn more about the MTSU scholarship program click here.

For more information, please contact committee chair Mark Propes.