Strategic Planning Meeting

On20170124_114334 Tuesday, January 24th the GRMCA met to discuss the direction and priorities that the association will take on this year. It is critical to the GRMCA Board of Directors and staff that we receive input from our members and that our members know that their voices are heard. Issues that affect one member are often important to the membership at large and this meeting gave us an opportunity to come together to target these issues and craft solutions to ensure better business across the board.

During the meeting, we shared our current activities, strategic alliances, event calendar for the year, as well as future opportunities and prioritization. A couple of big ticket items on the agenda this year are a transit mixer sales tax exemption, building code amendments to increase testing lab accountability, and driver training and recruitment programs. We had great discussion and received excellent advice and feedback that will help us work towards solutions.

Two members of the Georgia General Assembly visited with us as well. Representative Jason Shaw and Representative Dominic LaRiccia stopped by to update us on the transit mixer sales tax exemption and to say a few words about upcoming infrastructure dominicprojects in the state. They have been great supporters of our industry and we are looking forward to the outcomes of our continuing partnership.

We want to thank everyone who attended the meeting and provided input and we look forward to having a productive year!

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