TAC Committee

Technical Activities Committee

Current Issues:

  • Working with GDOT Staff To Update Outdated SOPs
  • Working on the issue of testing lab accountability. Substandard concrete field testing identified as a critical issue by GRMCA members.

Testing lab accountability

What is our goal?

  • GRMCA wants to bring accountability to commercial concrete field testing.

How do we intend to do so?

  • Qualification/disqualification process for labs
  • Increased certification requirements for inspectors
  • Rejection of results through code enforcement
  • Possibly permitting of lab work prior to jobs.

What have we accomplished?

GRMCA has proposed amendments to the building code that ensure the following:

  • Personnel in the field and in the lab must be ACI certified.
  • ACI certification is verifiable.
  • Code Enforcement understands there is a minimum standard for testing concrete.
  • Certification requirements are enforceable.
  • Potential to begin rejecting test results that are not conducted according to code.

For more information, please contact committee chair Vance Robinson.