COVID 19 resources

The COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation for our times. The Georgia Ready Mixed Concrete Association remains in contact with our state government leaders as well as affiliated industry associations so as to share the most pertinent information with our GRMCA membership. Please check this page as we will update it to add the latest information we have that we can share. If you have any questions, you may call, text or email us. Thank you for your continued support of GRMCA.

President Trump's Coronavirus Guidelines For America

CDC Coronavirus Landing Page

Small Business Administration Disaster Relief

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has announced that Georgia has received an official statewide disaster declaration from the U.S. Small Business Administration. This declaration will provide assistance in the form of SBA Economic Disaster Injury Loans to impacted small business across Georgia. Follow the link below to learn more.

Governor Brian Kemp Announcements

Governor Brian Kemp's office is issuing daily press releases regarding the COVID-19 outbreak in Georgia. You can check into the Governor's press office at the link below.


Check the links below for guidance from OSHA on COVID-19, including a direct link to OSHA's own COVID-19 landing page, an article discussing OSHA's temporary enforcement guidance on respirators in health care, and a memo being circulated by the Associated General Contractors regarding jobsite best practices.

GRMCA, Affiliated Industries Seek Classification as "Essential Services"

In light of numerous state and local governments around the country limiting certain activities or issuing "shelter-in-place" type orders, the GRMCA and numerous construction related industry affiliated organizations have been working to keep information in front of the appropriate policy makers to make the impact on construction minimal. GRMCA has submitted a letter to Governor Brian Kemp which has been received and logged by the Georgia Department of Economic Development in the event it is necessary to consider statewide essential services.

Governor Kemp Issues Executive Order re: Building Inspections

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has issued an Executive Order that, amongst other things, will allow immediate procurement of independent third party building inspectors where the local government is unable or unwilling to perform inspections. This is an effort to keep construction going as local governments struggle with how to best handle the pandemic in their own communities. Under Georgia law, a licensed architect or engineer may perform inspections so long as the local government is essentially given the first right of refusal, but Governor Kemp's order allows for you to go immediately to a third party without notifying the local government.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to procure an third party inspector, please let us know and we will be able to assist through utilization of GRMCA's engineering partners. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 2.42.47 PM.png
Kemp Executive Order

Atlanta Mayor Issues City Wide Shelter In Place Order

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has issued a city wide shelter in place order that will effectively limit businesses except for those that are deemed essential services. Amongst the items listed as essential are critical infrastructure items such as utilities, water and sewer, and roads and bridges. While concrete manufacturing or construction are not listed specifically, our colleagues at the Homebuilders Association have received an interpretation from city staff that the order "does NOT apply to construction." See below.

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 1.11.12 PM.png

If this interpretation is to change or we come upon new information, we will update this page. Link to Mayor Bottoms full Executive Order below.

Utilize 3rd Party Inspectors to Keep Projects Moving

One potential benefit to the construction industry may begin to develop amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent but underutilized change to Georgia law allows for the construction industry to hire private 3rd party plan reviewers and inspectors in cases where the local government either can't or won't be able to perform the service in a timely manner. The Georgia Chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) worked last week to develop a list of qualified persons who can come to a jobsite and sign off in order to keep projects moving along. If you need an inspector, consult the list linked below.

Numerous Georgia Cities & Counties Issue Emergency Local Ordinances

While Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has yet to issue any sort of statewide shutdown or shelter-in-place order, many local jurisdictions across the state have issued their own orders for their communities. Many of these are similar in nature but would only apply specifically within their county or city boundaries. The list below is an updated list as of March 28th. If your community is on this list and you want to read the orders yourself, you can typically just got to the city or county home page and they are linked there.

A Couple of Notes From the Governor's Office 

We are getting anecdotal reports from different parts of the state on how things are going for different industries. The following came in response to several question that had come up:

1. Is there a statewide list of essential services? "There is no such list. The state has not declared what is an essential business vs. non-essential business – local governments who have ordered this will have their own information. The state has defined an essential service for purposes of the mandatory shelter in place for the medically frail – and this includes going to seek treatment for conditions, traveling to get food, and traveling to family."

2. Are we supposed to be carrying papers? "There is not a papers to carry requirement issued by Georgia."

Also of note, we expect the State Department of Health to issue further guidance this week on how business that remain open and can best comply with the directive to maintain safe spacing amongst their employees. When that guidance is available, we will post it here.

Georgia Combined Construction Industry Sends Letter to Gov. Kemp 

The Georgia Capitol Real Estate Trade Group (RETG) is an organized group of trade associations dedicated to advocating for Georgia's real estate development and construction industry. The Georgia Ready Mixed Concrete Association is an active member and collaborated to help draft the following letter for our entire combined construction industry.

Georgia Governor Issue Statewide Shelter In Place Order

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp issued Executive Order enacting a statewide shelter in place order for all Georgians. His order does provide for business classified as Critical Infrastructure to continue operations. Ready mix concrete qualifies as Critical Infrastructure. GRMCA has developed several documents linked below that highlight how RM concrete is classified, advisory on how to handle employee travel during this time period, and clarification on mitigation in the workplace.