An Outstanding Building Alternative: Insulated Concrete Forms

This week, we had the opportunity to partner with Nudura ICF, The Home Builders Association of Georgia, NRMCA, and The Carrell Group to present a webinar on the benefits of Insulated Concrete Forms. We would like to thank everyone who attended the event, we hope you enjoyed it!

ICF construction is an outstanding alternative building method that presents unique opportunities for homebuilders. This form of construction builds safer, stronger, and more energy efficient structures.

We would like to thank Nudura for being our presenting sponsor for this event. Nudura ICF is a part of the Tremco Construction Products Group. Their plant in Columbus, Georgia equips our state with a network of distribution and support promising fast delivery to customers. Nudura offers the largest block on the market, allowing builders to place 12 square feet of wall space at a time. To learn more about their products, you can access John Ritch's presentation here

Rising lumber prices have been a large concern for homebuilders and consumers alike as wood has seen a cost increase of nearly 90% during the COVID-19 pandemic. During our webinar, we were educated on some of the amazing advantages that ICF construction can offer

  • Very cost competitive versus wood or steel (6-8% savings)

  • Resilient and Non Combustible

  • Energy Efficient (High “R” Value & Concrete’s Thermal Mass)

  • Lower insurance costs (lower liability)

  • Construction time savings of up to 30% commercially

To learn more about the outstanding advantages of ICFs, view Frank Gordon’s presentation here. Frank is an architect with over 20 years of experience using ICFs. He currently heads up the NRMCA’s Concrete Design Center, a free industry resource established to assist builders who seek to build with concrete. Frank has a true passion for working with ICFs and enjoys assisting anyone looking to learn more or transition plans.

To close, Bruce Carrell of the Carrell Group shared with us his experience and success working with ICFs. Bruce has utilized this building method since the late 90s and to date has built over 200 ICF homes.

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