Concrete contributing to exceptional water quality in Paulding County, GA

The Richland Creek Reservoir is a regional drought protection measure intended to help stabilize an independent drinking water supply for existing and future populations in Paulding County, GA. The 305-acre reservoir will hold 3.4 billion gallons of water, fed by both Richland Creek and the Etowah River.

This project utilized approximately 32,000 cubic yards of ready mix concrete and was provided by our member, Wayne Davis Concrete.

The 5000psi mix design had to be flowable enough to place in extremely dense reinforcement while maintaining stability and achieving durability requirements. The concrete in the dam employed a hydration stabilizing admixture in order to maintain the parameters of the thermal control plan due to mass concreting requirements.

The concrete in the water treatment facility has a crystalline water proofer to insure water quality control. All of the ready mix concrete in this project utilized a poly carboxylate based water reducer insuring increased durability of the concrete and facilitated the ease of placement and finishing, resulting in a more efficient and reduced construction time of the reservoir.

Concrete contributed to the aesthetics of the water treatment facility buildings through

bold design and crisp lines. The water quality is monitored continuously with higher regulatory standards than for bottled water, meaning concrete is contributing to exceptional drinking water quality and eliminating plastics in the environment due to reduced bottle water consumption.

The earthen dam which has a concrete core, measures 4,000 ft. long, 825 width at the base, and 90 ft. in depth.

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