ICF Symposium Recap

Last week we had the opportunity to attend an Insulated Concrete Form Symposium in Louisville, Kentucky, presented by the National Ready Mix Concrete Association. The roundtable event served as a wonderful learning opportunity for builders, contractors, and architects alike, to discover the amazing benefits that ICF construction has to offer.

Attendees had the privilege of staying at the newly constructed Holiday Inn Express, built from Insulated Concrete Forms in downtown Louisville. Standing at eight stories, the 88,000 sq. feet hotel took only 40 weeks to complete, saving 6 months on usual construction time. Additionaly, developers and designers peg the efficiency of the Holiday Inn Express to use 30-35 percent less energy annually than similar-sized structures – and is attributed to using insulated concrete forms as the core of the hotel’s walls

Another highlight of the roundtable was having the opportunity to visit the campus of the University of Louisville, where attendees had the chance to tour two dormitories, built from Nudura ICF blocks. Phase one of the dormitory was under construction, providing the opportunity for attendees to see exposed ICF construction, showcasing how efficient and simple the building process is. Attendees also toured the completed phase two of the residence hall boasting 452 beautifully crafted, quiet dorms that were constructed in 14 months!

We thank the NRMCA for hosting this awesome event!

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