Insulated Concrete Form Site Visit

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting a homesite in Rome, Georgia that was built from Insulated Concrete Forms. During the visit, the weather was in the low 40s and the home was under construction. We gathered inside the unfinished home at a comfortable temperature, and could not hear any of the construction going on outside- All thanks to the insulated concrete form structure that we were standing in!

Homeowner, Robert Bell put a great deal of thought and planning into how he wanted to construct his home. He desired to build a structure that was energy efficient, could easily withstand storms, and would last for generations to come. For these reasons, he elected to build with Nudura ICFs. Mr. Bell explained that his choice will cut his energy bill in half, and will serve as a fireproof, weatherproof, storm shelter for his family. Mr. Bell was familiar with ICF construction from previously working in the concrete industry. As a tribute to the industry he proudly designed his home around an exposed concrete beam. Other than this interior beam, the exterior of his home is identical to wood built homes as traditional finishes will be applied to interior and exterior faces.

ICF construction involves cast-in-place concrete walls that are sandwiched between two layers of insulation material and assemble together similar to Lego blocks. Applications for this method of construction are low-rise buildings, with property uses ranging from residential to commercial to industrial. Mr. Bell educated us that there are very few design limitations when building with ICFs. He did advise us that it was helpful to preplan where his utilities would be placed.

Frank Gordon, Senior Director of Building Innovations for NRMCA was present and further explained how this form of construction will revolutionize how we build in the future. Prior to lumber prices increasing, building with ICFs cost 3-5% more than building with other materials. Currently, ICF construction can save home builders 7-10%. In addition, ICF construction offers 15-20% on construction time. Frank explained that the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association offers a free concrete project design and technical assistance to help convert wood and steel buildings to concrete. He welcomes and encourages anyone who is interested in building with ICFs to utilize this service.

In 2021, GRMCA and NRMCA plan to partner with Habitat for Humanity to build ICF homes. We thank all who came out to learn about ICF construction and the benefits that it has to offer.

State Representative Spencer Frye, Athens

State Representative Matthew Gambill, Cartersville

Austin Hackney, Government Affairs' Director, Home Builders Association of Georgia John Ritch, Technical Sales Representative, Nudura ICF

Frank Gordon, Senior Director of Building Innovations, NRMCA

Jessica Palmer, Director of Business Development & Education, CRMCA Larry Lorenn, Wayne Davis Concrete

Austin Davis, Wayne Davis Concrete

Angie Boatright, Wayne Davis Concrete

Tony Cantrell, Basic Ready Mix Polo Bascunan, Argos Ready Mix

Chris Kirksey, Thomas Concrete

Jimmy Cotty, Executive Director, GRMCA

Emily Engel, Manager of Marketing and Member Services, GRMCA

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