Our purpose is to stay abreast of key issues affecting our industry and to concentrate our resources on these “critical few.” We strive to forge relationships with lawmakers, regulators, and other industry groups who influence our industry, to actively promote ready mix concrete, to provide information and statistics on “the state of our markets”, to administer safety & environmental compliance education, and to assist in training people who want a future in the industry.




The GRMCA exists in order to help the Georgia ready mix industry be safe, compliant and prosperous.


The Georgia Ready Mixed Concrete Association, formerly known as the Georgia Concrete and Products Association, was formed in 1968 by a merger of the Georgia Concrete Masonry Association and the Georgia Ready Mixed Concrete Association.  In 2014, the Georgia Concrete & Products Association underwent a rebrand and adopted it’s current name, the Georgia Ready Mixed Concrete Association, to more accurately reflect the organization’s focus as a ready mix driven industry.

Under the banner of GRMCA, association members are taking advantage of the value provided by their association.  In addition to producers of ready mixed concrete, suppliers of products and services to the industry are extremely involved in planning the association’s many programs.  As an association of active industry firms throughout Georgia, GRMCA is accomplishing so much more than individual firms could do alone.