Because of the product’s self leveling consistency, placing in lifts, tampering or compacting is not required. Flowable fill’s pix of Portland cement, fly ash or slag and sand can be designed to provide strengths

ranging from 50 psi (7600 psf) to be over 1000 psi. 


Chemical admixtures may also be used in flowable fill to modify performance properties of strength, flow, set and permeability. In addition, stable air generators can be used to improve flexibility, lower densities/ unit weights, reduce shrinkage, bleed water and subsidence, and control strength development

in applications where future excavation is required.

  • Reduced construction time

  • Reduced equipment, labor & maintenance costs

  • Increased worker safety 

  • Onsite compaction testing not required

  • Positive uniform density

  • Minimizes settlement 

  • Easy to place & to remove 

  • Place in any type of weather 


  • Trenches- Sewer, Utility, Conduit

  • Building Excavations

  • Bridge Abutments

Structural Backfill

  • Road Base

  • Mud Jacking 

  • Sub Footing 

  • Floor Slab Base

  • Pipe Bedding


Other Uses

  • Underground Storage Tanks

  • Slope Stabilization

  • Soil Erosion Control 

  • Mud Mats 

  • Abandoned Utilites 

  • All-purpose: for general use in place of compacted fill

  • Fast set: for projects where fast densification is essential

  • DOT Mix: designed for Department specifications 

  • Pump Mix: designed to be pumped (must know hose diameter & pump distance) 

  • Colored Mix: color coded in order to mark underground utilities

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